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Red Bull Holden Racing Team
04 MAR 2018
van Gisbergen claims his fourth Adelaide 500 win in a row
Jamie Whincup - Car #1
Qualifying - Third (Fastest Lap: 1:19.8269)
Top Ten Shootout - Second (Fastest Lap: 1:19.5915)
Race 2 - DNF

Shane van Gisbergen - Car #97
Qualifying - Second (Fastest Lap: 1:19.8056)
Top Ten Shootout - First (Fastest Lap: 1:19.5831)
Race 2 - First

Jamie Whincup - Car #1
"Obviously it was a disappointing end to a bloody tough weekend. We came here to push hard and attack, and unfortunately we crashed on Friday, which set us behind so we had a 4am finish that night and then a 1am finish last night. A result of the crash today was a cracked transaxle oil cooler that had been with us throughout the day and was slowly leaking oil, before running out completely and then we had no gearbox in the end. Unfortunately, that's motorsport but we'll go away happy with the speed that we showed. We were as good a chance as anyone to win today's race and now it's just disappointing that we'll be at least 200 points down in the championship, thankfully there's still a long way to go. Our car just wasn't really a qualifying car all weekend - it was a better car in the race. I felt like I got the most out of it but Shane was a little bit quicker and took a little more risk on the first chicane. Overall, it's fantastic for the team to be 1-2 in qualifying and, unfortunately, if it wasn't for the gearbox we were looking good for a 1-2 finish in the race."

Shane van Gisbergen - Car #97
"First thing is that it's been a pretty amazing couple of years, four wins in a row and four shootouts in a row. I'm not sure what it is about this place but I love driving it and we've had some pretty awesome races here. In the race itself, Jamie had the car to beat today and we went a bit far with our set-up and were no good compared to yesterday. It's a real shame we couldn't get the 1-2. In our car, we had pretty okay middle stint, it was a long one, and I knew it was going to be close with Davey (Reynolds). I put in a couple of laps earlier and struggled to get going, so that made it even closer, it was a pretty tight battle to the end. I missed the apex at Turn 7 and heard a big 'twang' and I ran over something metallic and then as I came through Turn 8 I saw big smoke, so Scotty must've run through the same thing. It was a real shame and of course I was paranoid for the next few laps hoping my thing would hang together. I hate getting points gaps like that but that's part of racing and hopefully we can have a few more battles throughout the year."
22 Mar - 25 Mar 2018
Practice 1
Days Hours Mins Secs
  • Thursday
    • Practice 1 30 Minutes 12:50 - 13:20
    • Practice 2 30 Minutes 14:40 - 15:10
    • Qualifying (Race 3) 10 Minutes 16:20 - 16:30
    • Qualifying (Race 4) 10 Minutes 16:40 - 16:50
  • Friday
    • Qualifying (Race 5) 10 Minutes 13:50 - 14:00
    • Qualifying (Race 6) 10 Minutes 14:10 - 14:10
    • Race 3 25 Laps 17:50 - 18:50
  • Saturday
    • Race 4 13 Laps 12:40 - 13:10
    • Race 5 25 Laps 18:20 - 19:20
  • Sunday
    • Race 6 13 Laps 13:45 - 14:15

Should Supercars change the kerb strike technology?
Yes - invest in better technology used in other categories
No - Change track designs to use non technical methods (tyres etc)
No - Drivers need to learn the track limits

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Supercar Drivers Championship
1 Shane Van Gisbergen Holden 300  
2 David Reynolds Holden 258  
3 James Courtney Holden 240  
4 Chaz Mostert Ford 216  
5 Scott McLaughlin Ford 207  
Supercar Teams Championship
1 Walkinshaw Andretti United 438  
2 Triple Eight Race Engineering (88/97) 402  
3 Tickford Racing (5/55) 393  
4 Erebus Motorsport 360  
5 DJR Team Penske 306  
Supercar Manufacturer Championship
1 Holden 2
2 Ford 0
3 Nissan 0
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